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On the Grid Connected System

In the Grid connected system, the roof top solar panels are connected to the electricity grid. A net meter is installed to keep track of the electricity consumed by you versus what you generated and what was fed back to the grid resulting in savings. However, it does not work when grid is down.

Off the Grid or Hybrid System

In the Hybrid system, the roof top solar panels generate electricity which gets stored in batteries. This electricity can be used as and when required. Additionally, the inverter will be re-charged by solar power, reducing the unit consumption saving money on your bills.
The components of a hybrid system are:

  • Solar Panels – This is used to convert solar energy to electrical energy.
  • Inverter – A DC-AC solar inverter is a power electronics device which is used to convert Direct Current to Alternating Current. The electricity generated by Solar Systems is DC in nature while most of our household loads require AC power. This conversion takes place in real time with a very minimal time gap.
  • Mounting Structures: Mounting your solar panels is a crucial part of your solar system. The racking must meet local building code requirements, and be strong and durable enough to withstand the wind, rain, etc for decades.

Please note: All of these are highly specific to the design of the actual solar system installed.

Orenj will provide:

  • Assessment of space availability and power usage patterns.
  • End-to-end hassle-free service and quick turnaround on installation.
  • Customized solutions for all kinds of consumption scenarios.

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