A Homeowner’s Guide to Going Solar

Are you thinking about adding a solar energy system to your home to generate electricity? If so, this guide will help you explore various options, ask important questions and make a well-informed decision.

What is a Solar Power System?

A solar photovoltaic system mounted on a rooftop of a building is a mini power plant that converts solar energy into electricity to meet your home’ power requirements or feed into the grid.

Who can install a solar system?

Any homeowner with a roof or a backyard can. The size of the installation varies depending on availability of space, amount of electricity consumed by the property, and the ability or willingness of the owner to invest the capital required.

What does a Solar Rooftop System look like?

The basic components of a solar rooftop power system include solar panels, an inverter and mounting structures. Other components like string boxes, transformers, meters, charge controllers, batteries and generators will be incorporated into the system depending on its size.

How easy is to install?

At Orenj, we provide a quick and hassle-free installation. Before installing a solar rooftop system, it is important to understand the size of your rooftop or space and the consumption load of your home.

What you need to do?

  • Book an appointment with Team Orenj
  • Get a home energy check-up done from Team Orenj.
  • A quote and an assessment profile will be provided by the team.
  • The solar power system will be installed.

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