Top 7 Myths About Solar For A Common Man

Top 7 Myths About Solar For A Common Man

Top 7 Myths About Solar For A Common Man 600 450 Admin

Being a revolution of recent times, solar energy is yet to do away with all the misconceptions it has, in particular, for the common man who is yet to adapt to solar energy for his home

Why should solar energy be promoted for homes?

India is blessed with abundant solar radiation. It receives as much as 300 days of sunshine.  is probably one of the biggest obstacles in the proliferation of solar energy in India, especially domestic solar rooftops, is the presence of myths around it.

So, we decided to dispel a few myths about solar energy in this article. 

Myth 1: Solar Energy and I are not meant to be

Mythbusting: Just like voting rights, solar energy is uniformly everybody’s cup of tea, Solar energy should be viewed as a financial investment. Even if you have 24-hour access to grid or utility power, you can still invest in solar energy and get good returns on your money. An investment, like the one you make in any financial instrument but with no market risks and better returns!

It can potentially fetch you an ROI of anywhere between  20% – 40 % per annum as savings in your monthly electricity bill!

Also, solar energy is pollution-free and renewable making it great for the environment. And we know, sustainability and you are definitely meant to be!

Myth 2: Solar Energy is an expensive affair

Mythbusting: In the past few years, the government has worked aggressively to bring down the prices of setting up a solar system at home. So, it is affordable for all of us. Also, there are plenty of financing options available so that it does not become a high-cost task for you.

With the high returns,  it makes sure that the investments made prove their worth.

For the ease of the customers, Orenj Solar endeavours to bring new solar technologies and a ton of financing options so that opting for sustainability becomes a choice rather than a dream. 

Myth 3: Solar Installation is as complex as a human brain

Mythbusting: Not at all! Getting started with a solar solution is as easy as installing any other household appliance. Do you remember the time when you installed an air conditioner at your place? Did you have to do a lot in that?  

With solar installation, all you need to do is get in touch with an energy expert from  Orenj and they will do the job for you, which includes, inspecting the site, recommending the solution and installing the system. Moreover, if you choose an on-grid solution, all government certifications and clearances are taken care of by Team Orenj. Thus giving you an end-to-end solution.

Myth 4: I would rather buy a diesel generator

Mythbusting: Well, you could, but you must know that the unit cost of electricity from solar is approximately half of that of a diesel generator. Secondly, a diesel generator is idle when there is no power cut whereas an off-grid  Solar system works irrespective of the power outage situation. Solar Inverters smartly prioritize solar energy over grid power and deliver savings. Thirdly, unlike diesel generators, solar panels do not create pollution. 

Long story short, solar energy is a clear champion. Hurray!

Myth 5: Solar panel prices are directly proportional to the size of your home

Mythbusting: Solar panels are designed to fit the specific needs of each homeowner. It actually depends on the orientation of your home’s roof, your personal consumption patterns and not on how big or small it may be, in size. 

Myth 6: Why solar when I can use clean coal

Mythbusting: Honestly, any coal is a non-renewable, conventional source of energy that can’t be as clean and sustainable as solar power. 

Also, you should stop relying on fossil fuels because they are mostly expected to see a setting sun in the coming century!

Myth 7: The aftermath of solar panels is bad for the environment 

Mythbusting: Solar panels are built to reach a maximum lifetime use of 25 years, after which they can be recycled. Orenj Solar uses recyclable components so that all the solar efforts made to save the planet don’t go in vain.

Lastly, it could be said that by 2030, solar will have become the most important and preferred source of energy for electricity production in a large part of the world.