Solar panels for your home

Solar panels for your home

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India is in the driver’ seat to bring about a solar revolution. While the government is working extensively to move towards sustainable living, we have been taking note of the large number of requests being received from individuals who are keen to invest in solar solutions for their homes. They believe that it has a great money-saving benefit and also contribute towards improving the carbon footprint. 

Over the next decade, we will not only see businesses across the country but homes transitioning away from a fossil-fueled electricity grid towards a clean energy economy.  Amidst this period of energy reform, it is presenting a great opportunity to invest in solar solutions for your home. 

But how do you get your hands on the best solar solution for your home? With too much-scattered information leaving you unsure of the future of solar power? Don’t worry, we at Orenj Solar have it all under control. We’ve taken the liberty to answer a few common queries that may come to your mind while thinking of installing solar panels for your home

Can you get a solar panel system for your home if your roof doesn’t qualify?

The brownie point with the residential solar sector is the number of options you have to install solar panels even without the most suitable roof. A garden or a backyard perhaps? Orenj Solar will assess the spaces at your home and will present an intelligent way to utilise the space you have for the installation. We, at Orenj solar, have many options available including ground-mounted structures.

How long does a residential rooftop solar system take to install?

The first step is to conduct a health check-up of your house to assess power usage patterns, spaces and other requirements. Once all the prerequisites are in place the residential rooftop system takes between 7 to 10 days to install. The last step in the process  ( in the case of on-grid systems) goes into ensuring that you have all the Government certifications in place. But not to worry, Orenj handles the entire process from start to finish. You can sit back and relax.   

How Many Solar Panels Does Your House Need?

It might sound technical, but in reality, you can calculate the number of solar panels on your own with basic mathematics. Just know the following two figures and you are good to go:

  • Average monthly power consumption of your house.
  • Average monthly solar power generation at your place.

The average monthly solar power generation varies from 80 kWh to 130 kWh. With at least 4-5 sun hours every day for 300 days in a year, any Indian home with even 1 kW of solar installation can easily produce an average monthly power of 110 kWh. 

How Much Does It Cost To Install Solar Panels For Your Home?

The most awaited question!

Unfortunately, there is no one right answer. The cost varies according to the following parameters:

  • The wattage of solar panels
  • The type of solar panel 
  • The type of solution – on-grid solution or an off-grid. 
  • Which state you reside in and how much subsidy is applicable 
  • Your consumption patterns and requirement for your home

Sounds complicated? Not to worry, Orenj can take care of this, provide quality assurance and help you with a lot more. 

What percentage of your home can you power with solar electricity?

If we were talking about ideal conditions, the answer would be 100% as a solar panel system can theoretically offset all of your energy use. However, in all honesty, it’s not realistic to expect that a panel can produce to its full efficiency every day. Homeowners should factor in around 25% cushion when calculating their target for solar panel offset. 

On a positive note, when it comes to on-grid solutions with net-metering in place, you can benefit from surplus production days and never pay for the least efficient days of your solar panels. 

When will your home solar system reach the “break-even point”?

You can rest assured that if you install  Orenj Solar panels in your home, you can break even within  4 years! Brilliant isn’t it?.


When solar panels are installed for home, the ROI is high and the payback period can be very short despite the upfront cost. If you’re looking for an estimate for what installing a solar panel would cost you, the in-house solar experts at Orenj Solar are just an email away: write to [email protected] or send us a message on our social media pages.