Solar Energy for Homes

Rooftop Solar Panels for Home

Solar Energy for Homes

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Solar energy is a topical that is trending across the world with its own fan following. Talk about the international organisations, national governments and even local administrations for that matter, solar energy has been the eye candy when it comes to renewable energy.

Not only this, solar energy has been creating friendships too!

India, with ample amount of sunlight, around 3,000 hours in total (Those who are wondering, that’s a lot) took charge to create an International Solar Alliance with France and the countries that lie completely or partially in the tropical region.

Adopting this  ‘sun wave’, are homeowners whom we see eagerly switching to solar panels for your home. By simply installing rooftop solar panels for home or in gardens, we’re seeing just how safe and easy a path it can really be!

Not only do the panels contribute to a sustainable future, but they also ensure you can save a ton of money! According to research, you save around 33 lacs INR in a span of 25 years with 10kW rooftop solar panels in place*. If you don’t believe us, you can do the math for yourself with 5500 INR monthly saving on your power bill with 10 kW of rooftop solar panels for home.

Adding a feather in the cap, operationally, solar is considered to be one of the most viable sources of renewable energy. It is one of the largest power sources in the renewable energy sector.

But does that mean that solar energy is worth the investment, for your homes?

The simple answer – YES! With the soaring electricity consumption, frequent power outages and hiked bills, a home solar system installation can work like magic  To save your hard-earned money. A whopping 40 % of your electricity bills! Perhaps it’s time to start planning that luxury cruise you always wanted to take.

With the solar panels for your home, lights, computers, refrigerators, mixers, fans, AIR CONDITIONERS, TVs and music systems can all be powered through solar energy. (Did we mention ACs in capital letters?)

Just like what they say about the Universe, ‘focus on what you want and how will be taken care of’. With Orenj Solar Systems, you can stop worrying about the space that is required for the solar system installation as we use your home spaces intelligently, ranging from sitting out pavilions to a barbeque corner to rooftop gardens. Our systems have been designed to meet the aesthetics of your house.

All of that with several financing options to get rid of any second thoughts you may have while making this ‘Smart, and Green’ solar investment. All you have to do is book a free solar consultation with our team!

Solar Panels For Your Home; Benefits 2.0

  1. Hassle-Free Installation:
    The installation of solar panels and the components might seem to be too complicated but the reality is, it isn’t.
    Orenj  Solar gives you an end-to-end solution where we take away the pain of solar system installation. It also makes sure that there is minimal maintenance required throughout its 25 years long lifespan.
  2. No Electricity Loss:
    We all might not have complete control over our lives, but when it comes to energy and the associated bills, you will be your own boss! Orenj Rooftop Solar Panels are helpful in increasing electricity efficiency, The energy you use becomes a part of your domestic energy requirements, ensuring that you and only you are in control of your own bills and energy usage. How about that?
  3. Free source of Energy:
    The sun is a provider of unbound levels of energy, more often than not they provide us with more energy than we could hope to use. If you install your own solar power system, it will immediately start saving money! You can even reach “break-even” on your solar panel installation cost in under 4 years which isn’t that long of a wait to recover.
  4. Eco-friendly:
    Solar power is our ‘buddy for life’. It does not emit any pollution when it is produced or consumed. Solar power helps avoid carbon dioxide (CO2) and other harmful emissions linked with conventional electricity generation (Bye Bye Fossil Fuels).

For those who slept while reading:

India is considered to be an energy-deficient country.  The time has come to work towards harnessing cleaner energy sources. Starting with your home is a great way to show you care about the environment and your family. All-in-all, installing rooftop solar panels for home is a one-time monetary investment for your future.

Switch to Smart, Green and Clean Energy,
Switch to Orenj Solar for your home, today.

*The statistics can vary according to determining factors like sunlight, shaded region, geography.