How can Solar Power help you save money?

How can Solar Power help you save money?

How can Solar Power help you save money? 600 450 Admin

Are you looking for a way to NOT pay exorbitant amounts for electricity all your life?

Look no further! We have the perfect solution – Solar Energy for your Home! There isn’t any doubt about the constant soaring prices of conventional forms of energy. We are made to shell out more money to run our households. And when the pandemic struck, boy, were we in trouble! Not only from the virus itself but the bills we had to pay during quarantine, with everyone working from home, testify to it. With heatwaves and covid in place, the energy consumption hit ‘the new normal’ too.

 In situations like these and others, solar energy can become your messiah to significantly reduce power bills for a lifetime and give you a chance to check your bucket list.

How can solar panels help you save money?

Become energy independent –  You will avail less power from the grid, with your solar rooftop system in place. It can fulfil around 20% of your power requirements, and help you become aatma-nirbhar, especially in times of power cuts.

Price of electricity – Electricity is getting costlier by the minute and generating your own power can considerably bring down your spendings, allowing you to save more. If you have a 5 kWh solar system installed in your homes, you can save up to Rs.5500 on your monthly bill.

Check for yourself: Calculate the money you will save with Orenj Solar that gives you an extended lifespan of 25 years. (Hint: We are talking about lakhs here).

Stored power – One of the biggest benefits of solar energy is that even if you are not home for the day, the power generated in your absence can be stored and used later. This is especially beneficial during peak periods when the rate may be higher.

So, it’s not only your favourite TV shows that you download to watch later!

How much will you save?

We would not deny that with many solar panel manufacturers in India, the costs for setting-up or installing a solar power system and that the households that have intensive power usage will benefit more initially with their savings quickly paying off the investment costs.

Nonetheless, solar power is dynamic and can be generated as well as put to use in any type of household and therefore, your power & money-saving journey can begin right away.

It has been seen that on an average, one can save -25% and more off their power bill, and some savvy users have even saved up to -50% over the summer months, by making their home as energy-efficient as possible.

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However, as a promoter of solar system installation, we would still like you to consider the following factors that may help you in deciding if you should really invest in solar panels for your home

Where you live

As a tropical country, India has a good amount of solar radiation per square metre. However, regional differences do exist. For example, some areas might have more access to sunlight than others. Horizontal cities generally benefit more from it but as long as you have access to a good amount of sunlight, you should definitely reap the benefits with Orenj Solar.

Energy consumption

The amount of energy consumed by a household can be calculated after a quick look at one’s power bill.  For instance, if your household is energy-intensive, you will need to install a system with a minimum of 5kW capacity in order to generate around 18kW/h to 25kW/h.

With a tropical type of climate, India is definitely a country with energy-intensive households mostly.

Usage patterns

The power generated by your solar power system is always used first, a long while before you start drawing on the grid for power. This means that if you have exhausted most of the power while your panel is in the process of supplying all your energy needs, you won’t be drawing on the grid or paying for your electricity during these hours.

The size of your system and how much you feedback

The size of your solar power system will determine the amount of energy and money you will save over time. Solar panel manufacturers in India can give you a basic idea about it.

The upfront cost of installation

Another factor to consider while analysing whether solar power installation is something you want to opt for is the cost of installing your solar power system. This can help you to reduce the total cost of your solar panel system. Other rebates on bills are available too by the solar panel manufacturers in India

With Orenj Solar, you can also benefit more monetarily with its discount offers and EMI financing solutions. We are one call away: @ 1800 102 1936 (Toll-Free)

Electricity prices

The amount of money you are paying for the electricity generated through the grid will determine how much your solar power system will help you save. Higher electricity prices, therefore, means that you’ll save more with Orenj Solar.


Installing a solar panel system at your home will help you save a considerable amount of money in the long run. Still, if you have questions unanswered or those specific to your solar situation, you can book a free consultation at Orenj Solar, anytime.

Take a sustainable step with Orenj Solar. To know more, Contact Orenj Solar.