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Orenj Solar is brought to you by Ravindra Energy Limited, a part of the Murkumbi Group, listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. Its 100-member team has established over 60 MW of installations across India. The company has a solid foundation of over 10 years which is reassuring in a business where the installations have a lifetime of 25 + years.

Bond with a name that is synonymous to solar energy. Invest in value.

Orenj was introduced with the vision to help India make a transition to residential solar power systems,

Orenj gives you solar power systems of international cutting-edge technology with the highest quality, safety and performance.

An Orenj home solar power solution is one of the best investments you can make. You power your home with solar energy, save substantially on high electricity bills and contribute towards a green planet with zero carbon footprint.

Our promise is an urban sanctuary that provides for smart, healthy living.

Plug into the Sun today!


Narendra Murkumbi - Orenj Solar Founder

Narendra Murkumbi

Vidya Murkumbi - Orenj Solar Founder

Vidya Murkumbi

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